Installing Doors

I have drawn in more of the walls, tracing over our PDF image to do so. Here is the section I've worked on:


Here, I've made the PDF invisible, so you can see what I've actually drawn.


You'll note here that I didn't break the lines to leave room for the doors I need to put into this layout. Rather, I drew solid lines for the walls, and when I insert the doors, they will "break" the wall line.

To insert some doors, click on the Doors tab to make that our active layer. Make the original PDF file visible as well.

Our screen now looks like this:


In order to work on the doors, I want to enlarge my view. Do this by clicking on the magnifying glass and its pull-down menu, located at the top left of our Smartdraw workspace.


Our work area now looks like this:


Click on the Doors icon in the Build Floorplan menu, located on the left side of the screen.


Click on one of the doors, as shown here:


Now click onto your work area. Smartdraw places a door in our workspace.


You can see from this image that the door is too large for our floorplan. We have two ways to resize this. Both options are outlined below.

Resizing Doors

Option 1: You can resize doors, or any object in Smartdraw, by clicking on the square "handles" on the door, and dragging the size either larger or smaller.

Here, I am dragging the door smaller, and the dotted line around the door (which is invisible as you drag) shows that this action is active. Also note that the door size of 1'4" X 1'4" is shown, and the dimensions change as you drag the door larger or smaller.


Option 2: You can also resize doors and other objects by first right clicking on them. When you right click on the door, this is the option menu you see:


In this menu, select Position and Size from this menu. A new box pops up, one that allows you to manually change the door's size.


Final Results

Here, I have positioned our new door in the proper location.


Here, I have made the original PDF invisible, so you can better see the result.



If you had any problems positioning your own door in place, that is, if the door did not seem to want to 'seat' itself onto the wall, the go to Snaps, and What They Do to change the snaps settings.

Let's go onto the Inserting Graphics page to continue with our floorplan.

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