Layer Options

Now, we are almost ready to use our PDF file as a background, so we can trace over it and create a new floorplan. The first thing we are going to trace over is the walls.

Before we do that, we need to note a few things about layers.

First of all, remember the layers tabs at the bottom of the Smartdraw screen? They looked like this:


Do you notice on these tabs, how each tab has a little eye icon, and also some of the tabs have a padlock icon? These are important, because they tell you information about each layer. For instance, in this case, all of the eye icons are showing as open, and only the "Template" layer is without a padlock icon.

What this tells you:

1. Layers with an "open eye" (without a red X across it), are visible from any layer as you work on your document.

2. Layers with a padlock icon are locked, in that while you are working say, on the walls layer, the graphics layer will not be affected by any of your actions. Layers without the padlock icon are designated as "Clickable."

BIG NOTE: No matter what the layers options are set to - clickable, not clickable, visible, or invisible - when you are working on a layer, that layer is, by default, clickable and visible. What this means is that the "clickable/not clickable" and "visible/invisible" options are meant to stop items from being seen or changed on layers you are not working on at the time.

You can change layers from "Clickable" to "Not Clickable" by using the pull-down on each tab. When you access the pull-down on the Template layer, it looks like this:


Here, I have changed the Template layer to invisible, as you can see by the little red X across the eye. You will note that, since we are still working on the Template layer, and that is our active tab, the PDF image we pasted into this layer is still visible to us.


Once, however, I move to the Walls tab, and make that my active layer, then the PDF image is no longer visible. It is invisible to to the rest of the layers, but visible again if I click on the Template layer tab.


The setting for Clickable works the same way for our layers. If you have a layer set to "Not Clickable," then when you are working on a different layer, that "Not Clickable" layer cannot be affected. However, no matter the setting for "Clickable" on a layer, if you are working on that layer, and have that layer as your active layer, it will be clickable.

This is worth discussing, as not all graphics programs with layers allow layers to be modified in this fashion. In some programs, if a layer is set to "Not Clickable," it cannot be edited, even if that layer is your active layer. In Smartdraw, this is not the case.

You can also change the layer options from the layers menu, Page-> Layers-> Define Layers.

That screen looks like this:


Let's move onto to Drawing in the Walls page and continue to create our floorplan.

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