What are Layers?

Smartdraw is a design program that lets you create layers in your document. Think of the layers as transparencies, each with their own text or art. Once the layers, or transparencies, are stacked together, they make a complete picture. However, each layer can then be edited separately, and new layers can be added to enhance or change your design.

To begin a Smartdraw document, you will want to create a few new layers.

Go to the top of the Smartdraw screen, and select the Page tab.

Selected Layers on this page.


Select Define Layers in this menu.

You will then see a pop-up layers menu appear. The default looks like this:


To create some layers, click on Add a New Layer. When you do so, you can then type in a layer name.
Here, four new layers have been created, and labeled "Template," "Walls," "Doors," and "Graphics." In order to rename the "Default" layer to "Template," click on the Edit Layer button while this layer is selected.

The layers are displayed like this:


Note that the Template layer is shown as "clickable," while the other layers are not. This is not important now, but it will be in the future.

Let's add something to our template layer. Move onto the Template page to see how to do this.

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