Tips and Tricks on Creating and Editing Smartdraw Documents

Starting Out

Open Smartdraw 2008, and select Floorplans from the left-hand menu. Open a blank floorplan by selecting it from the templates available.

The selection screen looks like this:openscreen.JPG

You can also browse to existing Smartdraw Documents by clicking the Open button located in the upper right corner of this screen.

Your screen now looks like this:

On this page, you will note that the primary drawing tools are located at the top of the screen, with the exception of the Add Walls tool. This tool is located on the left side of the screen.

One item to note is that the primary Smartdraw menu, the one that allows you to save, print, etc, is located in the far upper left corner. Click on the Smartdraw Icon to access this.


Let's go to the Using Layers page in order to start creating a floorplan document.

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