Creating a Floorplan Template

For the purpose of this tutorial, the act of creating a floorplan template does not mean that we are creating a new Smartdraw floorplan template. Rather, we are creating a drawing template from which to create a new floorplan from an old one.

In this case, we are creating a new library floorplan from an old one, one that we obtain from a PDF file.

This is what our PDF floorplan looks like:


We are going to copy and paste this document into Smartdraw in order to trace over the existing structure- the walls, doors, stairs, etc.- in order to create our new document.

Copy the portion of the document you are interested in from the PDF. Note that Adobe Acrobat will allow you to select, then copy, only those portions of the document you are interested in using.

Once selected, right click in the PDF file and select copy. Now go to Smartdraw.

We had four layers defined (see the Layers page for more info) and we are going to paste our copied PDF image into the Template layer.

If the Define Layer menu box is still open, click Okay in the top right corner of the menu box to close it.

Now look at your Smartdraw document. We have four layers defined, and you can see this by looking at the bottom of the Smartdraw screen. The four layers we defined are shown as tabs.


Click on the Template tab. When you do this, this layer becomes the active layer.


In the Smartdraw work area, the white area on the screen, right click and select paste, in order to insert our old floorplan into the document.

Once the image is pasted, you may note that is too large to easily work with. Resize the image to something more manageable by clicking and dragging on one of the black squares at the corners of the image. To size proportionally, hold the SHIFT key while dragging.

Our document with the pasted image now looks like this:


We now have a basic template layer that we can trace to create a new floorplan document. Go to the Walls page in order to start drawing in new walls.

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