Drawing in Walls

Okay, let's draw in some new walls.

First, make the PDF on your Template layer visible by changing this in the pull-down from the Template tab.

Then make the Walls layer as your active layer by clicking on that layer's tab.

Your tabs and tab options should look like this:


Now, go to the "Add Walls" tool, located in the left side of the Smartdraw screen.


Click on this, and let's try adding a new wall.


Here, I drew a diagonal wall below our pasted PDF image, so you could see it. You will note again, that the Walls layer is shown as "Not Clickable," and yet, we are obviously clicking around on the thing. That is because the Walls layer is our active layer.

I don't want that diagonal wall, of course, so I click on it and press the delete key. The wall disappears.

Now, I want to trace over the walls of our PDF image in order to create a new layout. Here, in this image, I have drawn in two walls.


It is difficult to see where our new walls are located. To check my progress, I can make the Template layer invisible, and see what I've done.


Do you notice that the two walls I've drawn do not quite match up in the corners?


I can change the options in Smartdraw so that the walls automatically join up at any corners. To do this, click on the Smartdraw icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.


Go down to Options and then put a check in the box that says Allow Lines to Join.


Once you have set Smartdraw to allow lines to join, any walls you draw will automatically connect to each other. Here, I have deleted our first two walls, and have redrawn them, allowing them to join.


Let's draw some more walls, and then move onto Installing Doors to continue.

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